Technology associates

Since 2016, we have been working to find technology associates who support us in the development of new digital business cases, collaborate in the development of new solutions and work with us to support our customers towards successful digital transformations.

ABB is a technology leader in electrification, robotics and automation products. With ABB LEF 4.0 has developed a digital use case for assembly line integration of collaborative robots.
Arkite is the company that, with HIM (Human Interface Mate) transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment, providing to the employee real-time picking and assembly instructions through Augmented Reality.
Azzurro Digitale is an innovative start-up that implements design thinking and open innovation concepts to develop digital software solutions for companies moving into the 4.0 era. With LEF 4.0 it is developing a flexible personnel management system integrated with the company ERP.
BeanTech is a Microsoft business partner and developer of software for business analytics and cloud management. In LEF 4.0 it is supporting the implementation of several digital use cases with Microsoft technology such as visual recognition, Power BI and Hololens.
Cisco is an international company that provides networking equipment for proper network operation. In LEF 4.0 it has installed a cyber security system, spreading the technologies and mindset for the IT security management.
IUVO is a spin-off company from the Institute of Bio-Robotics that collaborates with Comau and Össur to develop wearable technologies. In LEF 4.0 it was used to set up the model factory to support non-ergonomic activities of the upper limbs.
Engineering Digital Industry Engineering Digital Industry is a leading global company specializing in services, software development and digital platforms.
The Filippetti Groupdeals with system integration and industry 4.0 applications. In collaboration with LEF 4.0, it has implemented a safety 4.0 operator tracking solution.
GSNet is an Italian company that develops network infrastructure solutions and business applications. In LEF 4.0 it has developed an augmented reality scenario involving remote after sales support for intelligent refrigerators.
Linup is an Italian startup that offers hardware and software solutions that introduce digital diagnostic instruments into businesses. With Linup, LEF 4.0 has developed various use cases, including maintenance with remote support services, ergonomical analysis in terms of safety 4.0 and diagnostics 4.0.
Microsoft is an industry leader in hardware and software development for companies and private individuals. Microsoft is working with LEF 4.0 to develop augmented reality applications on several areas of production (e.g. maintenance) and to create dashboards through Power BI.
Overlog is working with LEF 4.0 to integrate production orders with stock picking and a WMS (Warehouse management system) for the model warehouse.
Parsable is a company that aims to replace paper with mobile-collaboration based applications and workflow platforms. It has developed an extraordinary maintenance case with LEF 4.0, in which permits, safety and deliveries are directly managed by operators in real time.
PTC is a company that focuses on platforms that merge the physical and digital worlds through process and product management. PTC is implementing a PLM (product life cycle management) project with LEF 4.0, for the product redesign of a compressor.
Schneider is an international company that is active in the energy control and process automation area. With Schneider, LEF 4.0 is developing an use case for monitoring and streamlining energy in the model factory.
Siemens is a leader in creating innovative solutions for electrification, automation and digitization.
SSM is an Italian consulting company that supports businesses to define product technical, engineering and industrialization concepts. It is the LinUp leader and is directly involved in the LEF 4.0 network.
Surge uses blockchain solutions for supply chain integration. For LEF 4.0 it implemented blockchain cloud solutions for product and process quality management.
Ubimax is a market leader of industrial wearables and augmented reality solutions. It is developing a smart picking software in the model warehouse with McKinsey and Company and LEF 4.0.
VEM is a Cisco partner, offering ICT solutions and services for Data Centers, Telepresence and Security. Within LEF 4.0, it worked on implementing IT infrastructure for Cybersecurity and Collaboration.
Wonderware is part of the Schneider Electric Group. It develops industrial software for the connection, control and comprehension of production systems. Within LEF 4.0 and in collaboration with Schneider, Wonderware is developing a software system for the collection of energy diagnostics data.