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Industry 4.0 – The maintainer 4.0

Improve your equipment reliability and launch the technician 4.0 transformation

How the course is delivered

Experiential learning with practical exercises

Training modules that provide an understanding of the strategy and operating instruments to apply the technologies and motivational aspects of the new role of the technician

An industrial environment in which to test and design solutions during the case study

1 day

• Understand what maintenance strategies to adopt based on the machines used
• Clearly define Industry 4.0 technologies for their application to all maintenance areas (from spare parts management up to the required skills)
• Illustrate 4.0 solutions that can be implemented in the maintenance field

Who it is for
• Entrepreneurs
• Production Managers
• Maintenance Managers
• Change Agents
• Human Resources Managers
• IT and digital managers

Presentation of the Lean Experience Factory 4.0

9 AM

Maintenance strategies with Industry 4.0

Practice on the factory machines


Development of predictive and condition-based maintenance


1 PM

Practice - from sensors to data to decisions


Showcase – maintenance 4.0 in action

Wrap up e feedback

6 PM
  • Interactive presentation

  • Technology partner solutions

  • Hands-on exercise in a production environment

  • Discussion time