Slide "Very educational and close to company reality, able to encourage reasoning and application of the model" A LEADING FOREIGN AUTOMATION COMPANY Slide "The cases of digital use applied throughout the value chain were illuminating and helped to frame the digital transformation at a strategic level (e.g. servitisation) and at an operational level (e.g. standard digital procedures)." Slide "Learning in the model factory adds concreteness and practicality to the contents provided in the classroom. Being in a risk-free environment took me out of my own comfort zone but away from the terror zone." ITALIAN COMPANY IN THE ENERGY SECTOR Slide "Theory and practice balanced so they capture your attention" Slide “The accelerated end-to-end transformation I experienced allowed me to see the journey I want to take in the company with my employees" ITALIAN COMPANY OPERATING IN THE WOOD-FURNITURE SECTOR Slide "The main take away is the importance of data - the collection, processing and discussion of data to drive and scale digital transformation and using it to enable new business models"