Lean Experience Factory 4.0 is an experiential training centre based in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone). It was established in 2011 as a joint venture between McKinsey & Company and Unindustria Pordenone, Confindustria Udine, the Pordenone Technological Hub, the Ponte Rosso Consortium and the Pordenone Chamber of Commerce

Our centre was created in response to the businesses’ need to recover productivity and maintain transformation over the long term – as shown in the McKinsey & Company study commissioned by Unindustria Pordenone in 2009, as part of the project “Beyond the Crisis – Pordenone moves towards 2019.” Starting from this challenge and based on LEF 4.0, we supported the development of companies toward a new level of operational excellence, transferring the skills required to requalify the personnel and enable it to lead and make a lean and digital transformation, in all its phases. Our training and consulting offer progressively grew, thanks to the continuous evolution of the services we provide, starting from the lean approach applied to manufacturing, administrative, logistics, product development and quality control processes, up to the recent agile and Industry 4.0 methodologies. It is precisely thanks to the end-to-end digital transformation implemented in LEF 4.0 that in 2017 we joined the McKinsey & Company Digital Capability Center international network and the Italian network of Digital Innovation Hubs, —such as Diex — within the regional initiative IP4FVG.


Results achieved by businesses after applying LEF 4.0
methodologies for 6 to 12 months

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A centre for successful digital

01. Dynamic structure

We are always on the cutting edge. The personnel, technologies, methodologies and actual cases featured in LEF 4.0 are always evolving so as to allow businesses to experiment with the most recent innovations available, thanks to the McKinsey & Company Digital Capability Centers’ international network and the numerous collaborations with technology associates.

02. Full services

We offer a full range of personalised services. We accompany companies throughout the process of creating a lasting economic impact, by defining objectives, training teams, implementing improvement initiatives and monitoring the results.

03. A complete experience

We create skills, not solutions. Our objective is to build the approach, the skills and the mindset required to achieve results that are sustainable over time through hands on experience that transfers know how.

04. An actual environment

We are more than a demo centre. The people who participate in our training activities are the protagonists of a digital transformation. They diagnose, design and implement initiatives agilely, through actual manufacturing or office processes, experiencing the real benefits first hand.

Activities and training courses


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