Our evolution

In LEF 4.0 we pursue the concept of ongoing improvement and renew our training courses in response to the emerging needs of our customers. This is why we have evolved from lean management to Industry 4.0 in experiential educational environments that cover the entire value chain.

Una fabbrica modello
Migliorare la fluidità degli uffici a supporto della produzione
Testare gli impatti della tecnologia lean
Ridurre i tempi di sviluppo
Metodologia lean ed agile sulla logistica
Lean e Industry 4.0
Digital company


To help our customers think and act through a new perspective focused on efficacy and the well-being of the organization, through an unprecedented educational experience


To instil in each person the awareness of their own potential, strengthening their attitude towards continuous improvement

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The Lean Experience Factory 4.0 team

The LEF 4.0 team is composed of competent professionals who are able to
adequately support our customers in the creation of skills

The Lean Experience Factory 4.0 collaborators

Our training centre also works with external trainers and consultants who work
with the LEF 4.0 team to support our customers