Our evolution

In LEF 4.0 we pursue the concept of ongoing improvement and renew our training courses in response to the emerging needs of our customers. This is why we have evolved from lean management to Industry 4.0 in experiential educational environments that cover the entire value chain.


To help our customers think and act through a new perspective focused on efficacy and the well-being of the organization, through an unprecedented educational experience


To instil in each person the awareness of their own potential, strengthening their attitude towards continuous improvement

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The Lean Experience Factory 4.0 team

The LEF 4.0 team is composed of competent professionals who are able to
adequately support our customers in the creation of skills

PAOLO CANDOTTI – General Manager of LEF. The General Manager of the Pordenone Industrial Union with extensive international experience in human resource management
CINZIA LACOPETA – Account Manager for McKinsey & Company customers. Manager of McKinsey’s Digital Capability Center with a focus on lean and Industry 4.0
ANDREA FORNASIER – Business Developer for the region. Regional manager of the Lean Experience Factory and the Diex Digital Hub
VINCENZO GIUMMOLÈ – Account Manager for regional customers. Manages the customer relations chain from customer contact to feedback
NICOLE BELFANTI – Training facilitator. McKinsey & Company Delivery Analyst supporting customers for training courses and digital use cases
DANIELE TREVISAN – Operations Manager. Ensures the efficacy of the training experience on the shop floor
DORIS LAZZER – Executive assistant. Manages customer reception services (registrations, catering, logistics and accommodation)
LORENZO AVA - Training facilitator. Supports the development of new training modules for “soft skills”
DAVIDE DI LUCCA – ICT Manager. Develops 4.0 applications for attendees’ exercises and provides technical support for the development of new digital case studies
SAMUEL COLLINO – Udine University Doctoral Candidate. Conducts field research and provides support for the development of new digital case studies
OPERATORI LEF – on-call employees who conduct their activities in the training environments, conveying key messages to attendees

The Lean Experience Factory 4.0 collaborators

Our training centre also works with external trainers and consultants who work
with the LEF 4.0 team to support our customers

MARCO PASQUIN – Lean management consultant. Handles training and coaching within the company.
MARCO CESCON – Lean and digital management trainer. Handles in-company digital diagnostic realization for the company.
GABRIELE MOZZI – Senior lean management and digital transformation consultant. Handles in-company training and strategic and operations consulting
MAURO VEZIL – Senior lean management consultant. Provides in-company training and operations consulting
CARLA M . BATTISTELLI – Senior lean management consultant. Provides in- company training and operations consulting
MARCO SORTINO – Professor at Udine University. Provides digital transformation training and consulting
MOIRA CASONATTO – Personnel research consultant. Handles “soft skills” training
MICHELA DIFFIDENTI – counsellor and trainer for development projects and training courses. With LEF 4.0 she developed Lean Cooking, an experiential training event for application of the lean methodology to cooking
GIANNI BARBON - change projects counsellor together with the mod-o community for the implementation of new models for social collaboration
DOF consulting - a consulting and training company that focuses on transformation projects that combine the value of people with a company's strategic development needs
LEAN VALUE – a consulting company that focuses on lean principles. This company handles training and consulting within the company
POLIEDROS - is a company that operates in the field of Management Consulting with the aim of assisting companies in assessing strategic choices that include moments of growth, reorganization, change, providing advice and the most appropriate solutions